I write my random musings here.

The Melting Ice Cream

I see myself spinning, In the vortex of my thoughts. Not really looking out,From this conundrum of sorts. My mind is in a conflict,Questioning life and love.The reality of it,The true meaning thereof. Why is it that crying aloud is a fight,But grasping for breath within also doesn’t seem right.The sadness of world as such,TheContinue reading “The Melting Ice Cream”

Do They Care?

When some trees do not let their own seeds grow, When through their massive canopy, they stop the sunlight to flow, Do they care? When some birds push their nestlings out to fly, They think they’re ready, but they are mostly scared and comply, Do they care? When God sends a thunder and storm, WhenContinue reading “Do They Care?”

Anxiety, Assorted

Some days it is like a curtain falling,Only when it falls, the feeling’s not of respite.Instead it is like I am slipping,At the edge of a cliff of great height. On other days it is like a thousand fingernails,digging deep into my skin.But I soon realize that it’s real, the pain,As I am piercing theContinue reading “Anxiety, Assorted”

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” 

Paulo Coelho
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